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The push for collaboration and transparency in government has brought about a new set of challenges for federal, state and local information managers. Adeptus Solutions can help reshape your government application portfolio into a set of flexible, streamlined applications, efficient and cost-effective supply chain logistics and processes, and improved performance and responsiveness.

Business challenges


  • Position your agency to be more efficient and increase productivity

  • Adapt to changes in information technology and changes in data/information exchange

  • Mitigate risk to data and information security, application security and data and information security.

  • Gain efficiencies through consolidation and shared services

  • Implement self-service applications

  • Accelerate implementation of services

  • Ensure rapid assimilation and deployment of expertise/knowledge

  • Ensure accurate data quality

  • Analyze data with business intelligence solutions

Why Adeptus Solutions


Using an agile approach, Adeptus Solutions consultants provide a foundation for application design, development, implementation, integration and project management.Our in-depth understanding of business project management, enterprise architecture, data management, and information technology uniquely qualifies us to work with clients who wish to take advantage of the industry’s best practices in application lifecycle management.

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Integration & Deployment
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Enterprise Resource Planning
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Logistics & Supply Chain
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Training & Curriculum Development
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Program, Project Management & Administrative Support


Adeptus Solutions helps the Federal Government transform software testing by delivering quality software that works.   Our software testing practice includes analytics and AI-driven engineering.  We evolve the operating model and provide a gap analysis to the requirements using best practices, such as with agile and DevOps.  With more than 20 years of experience, Adeptus serves our Federal clients across 11 Federal Agencies with our scalable software and hardware testing services. The Adeptus team continuously helps Federal Agencies achieve compliance, reliability, and Authorization to Operate (AOA).  We develop:

  • A successful test management strategy

  • End-to-end traceability

  • Independent software testing verification and validation.

  • Transparent, contain, control and, communications.


Our end goal is clients who enjoy minimized risk and costs, and ultimately, deliver superior user experiences and compliant software.




Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Data Modeling

Adeptus Solutions understands the importance of data and information as vital enterprise assets in the healthcare industry. Business Intelligence consumers need the right tools and insight to access timely relevant information to solve problems before they occur.

Recent technical advances make it easier to analyze and collect information from multiple sources—a benefit in informatics, data and consumer markets. We focus on:

  • Reporting Analytics

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Integration

  • Data Management

Integration & Deployment

Integration & Deployment

Modern software moves fast and demands more from our developers and cross-functional teams more than ever. Our tools and concepts around integration and development manage risk, cost, and help our teams deliver business value to our customers faster and more transparently.

Adeptus Solutions’ integration and deployment methodologies reduce our customers time to market and develop software that brings value to our customers because they can begin using their products faster.

We increase visibility during the deployment process to steer the software project and manage risk and expectations by providing the following services:

  • Run automatic code quality scans

  • Generate reports with the latest changes that adhere to good coding practices

  • Build the code and run automated tests to make sure the updates and changes do not break any functionality

  • Generate and publish the test reports to identify gaps in our automated and manual tests


These simple best practices allow our developers and cross-functional teams to focus on writing, testing, and deploying code that works. When your code repository is there to receive changes, our automated processes can build, test, scan, reports, and deploy code in a systematic method that adds business value.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning 

Every federal agency has unique requirements, but ultimately, the government needs software solutions that provide functionality to connect all the moving parts and offer transparency into business operations. Adeptus Solutions delivers integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that help the federal government operate more efficiently—allowing them to make strategic decisions while remaining compliant and efficient.


We lead our customers through the following solution integrations:

  • PeopleSoft Oracle HRMS/HCM Design

  • ERP Project Management

  • ERP Implementation

  • ERP Upgrade

  • ERP Optimization

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics & Supply Chain

Digital Logistics and Supply Chain Automation

We believe in leveraging technology to solve organizational challenges, to enable strategic mission capabilities, and to empower people through intelligent automation. We offer a solution for Digital Logistics & Supply Chain Automation which first addresses the need to automate the multitude of manual steps involved, along with the business decision rules that govern the various process options. The goal of an efficient supply chain is to enable data to flow easily and used intelligently throughout the organization. By combining digital process automation, robotic process capabilities, and intelligent analytics, we are able to optimize and digitize the steps involved, enable real-time knowledge of inventory status, and automatically trigger procurement activities based on ever-changing events.


Adeptus Solutions’ supply chain logistics experts ensure our customers achieve affordable readiness by implementing proven, industry-leading lifecycle management processes and standards. With the ability to deploy rapidly anywhere, our full-range supply chain support covers the U.S. military, at home, and in theater.   



  • Streamlined Supply Chain

  • Global Property Management

  • Field and Classroom Training

  • Supply Chain Modernization

Training & Curriculum Development

Training & Curriculum Development

Professional, Management Development Training & Curriculum Development


One of the key success factors to any business transformation effort is the effectiveness of training provided to end-users and managers. Adeptus Solutions understands the growing need to design, develop, and deliver management and role-based training materials to educate in these areas. It is vital that end-users understand how to use systems and processes appropriate for their role, and that they also have the functional knowledge of how new processes, policies, and supporting technology operates.


Adeptus Solutions supports the following programs:

  • Instructional Design

  • Training Delivery

  • Training Technology

  • Organizational Development

Program & Prject Management

Program, Project Management & Administrative Support 

Program and Project Management, Operations & Administrative Support

Adeptus Solutions’ Program Management Operations (PMO) Support services focus on the helping our customers succeed. We provide strategic analysis, oversight and compliance support for federal program management offices. We provide tangible results that are client focused.

Our PMO and Administrative Support services include:

  • Program Support

  • Risk Management

  • Issues Management

  • Schedule Management

  • Strategy Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Independent Verification & Validation

  • Quality Control and Assurance

  • Change Management

  • Requirements Management

  • Knowledge Transfer and Training

  • Capital Planning, Budgeting and Procurement Services

  • Advisory Services

  • Administrative Support

    • Provide administrative support

    • Greet customers

    • Maintain files in accordance with agency accreditation standards

    • Update records

    • Compose minutes and reports for meetings,

    • Provide administrative support for special events, classes and programs  

  • Transition Services

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