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Federal Agency Past performance

Adeptus Solutions has been serving Federal government agencies since 2008.  Adeptus Solutions has experience as a prime contractor with a variety of contracting vehicles.  We are ready to conduct business and serve the Federal government.


National Guard Bureau (NGB)

Provide support for the Army National Guard Army Medical Department (AMEDD) incentive programs for the Army National Guard (Prime Contractor)

  • Prescreen AMEDD incentive including contracts and payment
  • Create program reports
  • Conduct program data analysis
  • Train classroom training on incentive applicable laws and policies
  • Develop training materials

Department of Commerce

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Adeptus Solutions provides consulting services for the development of a training program to strengthen NOAA's Core Budgetary and Financial Management Competencies.  Develop a comprehensive Federal Financial Management Training Curriculum for NOAA that enables superior performance of all staff involved with financial operations and the execution of resources. (Prime Contractor)

  • Create training curriculum
  • Analyze competency model
  • Implement training program
  • Create and analyze training
  • Monitor training results

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

  • Veterans Benefits Management System  (subcontractor)

  • VA Human Resource Line of Business (subcontractor)

  • Sustainment of Benefits Products (subcontractor)

  • Tier I, II and III Support for Beneficiary Identification Record Locator System (BIRLS) Product Support Team (Subcontractor) 

  • VA VRM ESE/ECE (Subcontractor)

  • Camp LeJeune (Subcontractor)

  • Patient Statement Enhancement (PSE) (Subcontractor)

  • HAPE EDI PMO Support (Subcontractor)

Coast Guard

  • USCG Direct Access (Subcontractor)

National Institue of Health (NIH)

Office of Communication and Education (OCE)

  • Continuous Quality Management Project (Subcontractor)

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